Harvest Walk

Everywhere we look, there are scenes of fall, harvest tableaus with bales of hay, pumpkins, and shocks of corn. It reminds us in our modern day of our agricultural roots and how farmers gather their crops before frost and either store or sell them. I think of the past year since the last harvest season and I feel like I’m walking down this lovely road. Join me on this stroll and consider the year in review.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I walk and ponder a blog post that captured some of what this season of harvest means from a spiritual standpoint. Written by guest blogger, Benjamin L. Corey on the World Vision site, he says the symbolic meaning of harvest encompasses two main areas: God’s provision for us and God’s blessing of others. https://www.worldvision.org/blog/lord-of-the-harvest

God has provided for my financial and material needs over this past year. While it felt uncertain, because of now being on my own, I’ve reaped the rewards of being able to contribute to a retirement pension. I was blessed with good health so that I could carry out my nursing positions over those years.

God has provided for my emotional needs, especially in living close to my two grandsons. During the isolation of the pandemic and sheltering-in-place, I was still able to see them, to hold them in my arms. Except for the fourteen days of quarantine, after being with Mama her last 2 days in the nursing home, I’ve been able to be with my immediate family.

God’s provided me with vast support from my extended family and friends. While it’s been difficult to be together during the pandemic, I’ve spent more time with them through long ‘phone visits.’ That one-to-one time, just focused on each other has yielded some very satisfying conversations. I ended those calls feeling I knew them more deeply.

Walking on down the road, I consider the second part of harvest: God’s blessing for others. I think about the Biblical principle of being blessed so that we can bless. This is the time when we consider our financial commitments for the upcoming year to our churches and other organizations. Now I need to complete my pledge to my church–giving back from my abundance. It’s time to think of the community needs around me and what I’m being called to give–blessed now I bless others.

Sometimes God’s blessings for others come through our human hands and shared experiences. When we’ve gone through a trial, others often reach out to us and value what we say. Twenty years ago I went through breast cancer treatment and I still find my experience is helpful to others. Recently I was wearing my “Relay for Life,” American Cancer Society shirt. It’s so old many people would throw it out. But I wear it as a way to reach out to others going through cancer.

A man in the next building was walking his dog and saw me pass wearing that purple survivor shirt. He asked if I’d had cancer, then shared that his wife was going through treatment for ovarian cancer for the third time. Days later, I met her and she told me how nice it was to talk with someone who understood the effect of chemo on your appetite.

“My friends just think I’m being picky,” she explained, “but I never know from moment-to-moment what I’m going to feel like eating.”

It was a small thing, but maybe a big thing for her that day we talked to feel she’d been understood.

Recently, my marital separation has been the shared experience that has linked me to another woman in the apartment complex. She was walking her beautiful Labradoodle and I commented on how much I missed having a dog.

“Well, my sons got me this one because I’m going through a divorce,” she said. “We got married at 19 and now at 45 my husband decided he wants someone else.” We talked a while about our experiences and even though she was twenty years my junior, we held most things in common.

“It’s been great talking with you,” she said. “You’ve been my blessing today.”

“And you’ve been mine,” I told her. I was happy to finally be meeting more people in my new community and to share honestly with another person going through divorce.

She reminded me of the men and women I met this past year in my DivorceCare group. They were all younger, too and we all supported each other; shared pain became shared blessing.

There have been many others in my path over the past year who’ve been a huge blessing to me: my therapist, lawyers, financial planner, pastor, bankers. They have helped me to navigate my unexpected path.

I don’t have hayfields or gardens to harvest like I had on the farm when I was a girl; I do have fields of blessings, God’s provisions that have helped me through another year. My hope is that you’ve had abundance in your life, and being blessed– you are now a blessing to those around you.

May it be so for all of us.

Photo by Ali Yasser Arwand on Pexels.com

How about you?

What are some of the provisions you’ve benefitted from in your life over the past year?

How have you blessed others through your abundance?

14 thoughts on “Harvest Walk

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  2. Thank you for this reminder today. Shared pain does indeed become a shared blessing. The one season I miss the most from having grown up in Ohio is the fall. We just don’t have the seasons down here in Florida, it’s just summer and a slightly cooler winter. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Thinking fondly about the colors of the leaves and snuggling beside a fire and drinking hot chocolate. Love to you!!


    • Hey Harriet,
      Thanks for reading. Yes, I’m fortunate that on this blog site with WordPress, I have access to the Pixels photo gallery–with professional photos I can use for free. I love pictures of roads–especially through trees so these seemed fitting.
      Have a good week!


  3. So beautiful! You never know how and when you will be a blessing to someone else! You are a blessing to all who know you ❣️

    On Sun, Nov 15, 2020, 9:11 AM Connie Rosser Riddle wrote:

    > conniesedona317 posted: ” Everywhere we look, there are scenes of fall, > harvest tableaus with bales of hay, pumpkins, and shocks of corn. It > reminds us in our modern day of our agricultural roots and how farmers > gather their crops before frost and either store or sell them. I th” >


    • Hey Sandra,
      Thanks so much for reading and for your generous comment. I hope you and Mike are doing well. Wish we all had a time we could gather and talk in person. We never knew how precious that time was when we spoke often before my Book Launch. I will always remember that time fondly and the way you so graciously helped make that Book Launch special.
      Love and Blessings,


  4. Thank you for sharing the blessings you’ve experienced this year. As I look back to a year which started last fall with a cancer diagnosis, and has progressed with the pandemic, I’m grateful for this time which has allowed my husband to stop traveling and for us to cherish this final year in high school for our oldest son. There have been many more family dinners and times together than we would have had without this pandemic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jen,
      Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your life.
      I’m glad you’ve had that special time with your son and husband. Yes, in the midst of this overwhelming pandemic, we can see advantages. I think we all will come away from this time, knowing with much more certainty, what we truly value.
      Prayers and best wishes for you in leaving cancer behind– just like we hope to do with this pandemic in the not-so-distant-now future.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This has taken me long enough to respond. I have read this one more than once and I am sorry for not having a nudge. You have a wonderful support group that has much to offer for you to draw strength. This year of “You must accept being on Hold.” may offer a blessing that most of us may ignore. The test of the support of those in your life is where we may find the true connection and the significance; I find that being on “Hold”. presents a moment to see where the importance is worth the respect is given the concept. I did wonder if you had taken a brief break and took a pass on offering your best. Love and Blessing to you in the weeks to come.

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