A Time to Heal

We’ve all been through a grueling week of waiting for election results while hearing the results of the COVID-19 surge. For each of us, these happenings in our nation are added onto our personal daily challenges. Our family had to deal with my son being exposed to COVID and then I developed a fever, and three of us later ended up in the car lines for COVID tests. Those tests were negative, but altogether the week was like a huge adrenaline rush that culminated yesterday with the election returns.

That must be why I felt so exhausted last night when I started writing this post. Whether you’re elated about Joe Biden being our President-Elect, or you’re at the depths of disappointment, I think we’re all ready for this campaign season to be over. We want to move forward and leave behind all the advertisements and discord, the uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen.

Listening to the acceptance speech of Kamala Harris, Vice President-Elect she appealed to the American people that it’s time to “unite our country and heal the soul of our nation.” I felt calmed by her emphasis on unity. This pandemic has left many people feeling isolated, and the divisions between the Republicans and Democrats have left us feeling distant and distrustful of one another. We’ve tiptoed around these differences in our families and friendships and there’s been an underlying tension instead of the calm that we once knew.

Later when Joe Biden spoke, he referred to the Bible verses from Ecclesiastes 3 that speak to a time for everything.

“Now is a time to heal,” he said.

Joe Biden is a man acquainted with sorrow; he lost his wife and infant daughter in a tragic car crash many years ago; he lost his son, Beau to cancer just five years ago. He knows about the deep personal healing that is needed after a devastating loss– especially the loss of a child. He spoke directly to those who were watching who had lost family and friends during the pandemic, acknowledging and sharing in their sorrow.

What does it take for us to heal?

I think about personal healing whether it’s physical or emotional. It seems there’s first the need to draw in and assess what it is that has been hurt. Where am I feeling the pain? How can I be restored?

For me, I often need silence from the noise around me to be able to consider this. Over the past days of the vote count with the constant news of each state’s returns, there’ve been times I had to turn off the television. I’d get busy with the simple tasks of my day to let go of the tension.

I’ve also had to get more rest. Not only was the national news draining, I had some type of illness for a few days that produced my fever. My weekday plans were changed with having to take a sick day, not able to keep my grandson, permission granted to just take care of myself. Whatever I had, caused fatigue and made me go to bed early. While I didn’t want to be sick, and I missed my grandson, that unexpected rest helped me repair my body.

My days start and end with a walk; there’s nothing like walking beneath a morning or night sky to clear my head and to lift my prayers to God. This morning, the autumn air and my steps on the fallen leaves reminded me that we’re approaching Thanksgiving. In the midst of this, we have a surge in hospitalizations of patients with COVID and are being cautioned about our plans for the holidays. We are feeling the beginning of a shift in our government and hopeful about positive changes on the way.

To me, it feels like we collectively need to take time to be still, to rest up, and prepare for the season ahead. We need to work together to move beyond this pandemic that has so impacted our lives. We have people in our circle of connection that need our reaching hands to help lift them out of their isolation, grief, and pain.

It is Time to Heal.

Blessings on you today and in the days ahead.

3 thoughts on “A Time to Heal

  1. This will be short. Your position is that of true love. Will this be the time to heal, even after the many acts of disrespect afforded at least half of the Nation. My fear is that the redefinition of our Country is in direct opposition to the intent of our Founders. Be you in Love and many Blessing.


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