Thankful for You!

This is my 231st post since I began this blog at the end of May 2017. If it weren’t for you all, I would have stopped writing a long time ago. Sitting down to a blank page, to an empty screen is at times overwhelming and is always solitary. Before I start, I pray for God to help me to find what to say– and hopefully to provide something that will resonate with what you need.

Last night, I looked at the information provided by the WordPress platform that tells me interesting facts– like how many people viewed each post and what countries they were from. After last Sunday’s post, there were 144 views made by 83 visitors from seven countries: US–125 views, Philippines–8, Pakistan–5, United Kingdom–2, China–2, South Africa–1 and Ireland–1.

I appreciate all you readers, no matter what country you’re from. It makes me happy that someone from South Africa read last week’s post “When It’s Over.” I don’t know how much of what I shared about going through divorce relates to that person, but I hope that the reader found something of value.

I consider now what it is about you all reading that means so much to me. Whenever we speak, we want to be heard–whether it’s a private conversation, a complaint at a local governing board, or expressing our opinion to our boss. To be heard is to be acknowledged; for you to take your valuable time and read what I’ve written is for my work to be acknowledged. Thank You.

Some of you have shared with me your personal stories in the privacy of an email. I feel honored that you would trust me with something so close to your heart. I’ve felt that mutual support and shared pain became shared blessing.

Some of you have boldly responded in the Comments section that followed the post. While these comments are mostly read by me, they can be seen by others. Last week, a friend since grade school, told me of losses in his marriages that I’d never realized. We haven’t seen each other in many years but have recently connected through Facebook–and also through my blog. How kind and tender were his words and his blessing for my life. Who’d have ever thought as kids running around on an elementary playground we’d one day relate around the pain of divorce.

Some of you have told me how much you like traveling with me on my Solo Journeys. While you consider me ‘brave,’ a woman going alone to places she’s never been, you may also think I’m a bit weird for doing that! But nonetheless, you motivate me to include the details that help you feel like you’re with me. I’ve enjoyed the feeling that you did travel with me there and met those ‘people in my path.’ While my journey was solo when it was in real time, in retrospect, you’ve accompanied me.

There is no way I can pay you back for your support. All I can say is “Thank You.”

But I would like to have fun during this holiday season and Give Away a copy of my memoir, He Heard My Voice each week until the end of the year. I will limit this offer to readers living in the contiguous United States due to the costs of shipping.

So, each week for the next four weeks, at the end of my post, I will ask a question. If you’d like to have a chance at a free inscribed copy of my book, send me an email response to the question. I’ll choose one person to receive a copy–either for that person or someone they’d like to gift it to. I’ll mail it as soon as I can but who can tell with holiday shipping when it’ll arrive.

This week’s question:

Who are you thankful for and why?

Email your response to:

16 thoughts on “Thankful for You!

    • Hey Harriet,
      Yes, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but just never got around to it. It’ll be fun for me and a different way to interact with my readers.
      Thanks for your ongoing support of me and my writing. Thanks for being proud of me–that means a lot.
      Love you,
      Younger and Middle sister,


  1. Great post with a little twist. I will answer your question. . . . . not privately but here and now.
    Where can one find a person to be thankful for? After many years on this Earth living and sharing all your events having “some-one” is almost impossible. What you read with my answer must include you and the many past, present, current, and lost, deep in the memory.
    This Universe and all that is in it is the product of a Creator. Not seen, yet exists to be there for you and expect nothing more than your Love. To explain the method to which to exhibit that love is to hold near your heart all those whom you have come in contact with. Herewith one good reason, for this behavior, is to ensure a chance that you may be a recipient of that Love.


  2. Searching thru the Blogs this morning, I happen to come across your Blog here. When I start an entry into my blog, I also sit in front of a blank screen as most of us do. There have been many times that I really don’t know what to say or how to say it on the screen. I know what I want to say, but getting it in a print or words don’t come easy for me. However, I am Thankful for the Followers that do like my Posts. They are not many, but they do count.

    My Mother was born & raised in Greenville, TN. I have always liked the South and its hospitality. Can’t forget the great Southern cookin’ that I’ve enjoyed. The State of Kentucky I’ve never been to. I do a fair amount of photography which you can see on my Blog. There are so many things that I’m thankful for. Too numerous to write about here. However, like a good portion of us, there are a number of things that I wish I could forget but can’t do that. Vietnam is one that haunts me once in a while. You be well down there. I am watching.


    • Hey Les,
      Thanks so much for reading and for telling about your blogging experiences. If I look ahead and say, “How am I going to find something to post about all those weeks?” I could just freak out. But instead, I try to think about just the post in front of me.
      While your site says you’re doing it “without a degree,” I wouldn’t worry about that. You have beautiful photos and stories that interest people; some folks with a degree are without those strengths.
      Best to you as you find your way in blogging. We all just take a step forward at the time and do the best we can–and hope someone will benefit from reading our words.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Connie! It’s me! I’m your South African reader! ๐Ÿ˜€ I can most definitely relate to your posts, as I’ve been there too. The blogging world is amazing… Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Oh, Zelmare, I had no idea!! Ha!
      When I had to choose one example of a country–it just pressed in on me to say South Africa! That is sooooo special!
      Yes, the blogging world, the internet brings us all close together–truly an amazing and wonderful thing in so many ways.
      I’m so glad to have you as a reader, Zelmare!
      Best to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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