Celebrating Another Year of Life

Today is my birthday. I had a weekend of celebration planned including going to a Western Dance on Saturday night and Swing Dance on Sunday night, and in between celebrating with my family so my grandson could enjoy my cake with me. But instead, it’ll be a mostly quiet day because of COVID-19 as we practice social distancing.


Image made before Social Distancing 2020

If I’d gone to the Swing Dance at the Raleigh Elk’s Lodge, I would have requested that Wes play one of my favorite Van Morrison songs, “Precious Time.” It’s a fun tune to dance to and reminds me that I’m only “queen for a day.” I may just pull it up on Youtube and dance in my sock feet in my living room! I can pretend as if I’m dancing with one of my favorite partners and sing the “que sera, whatever will be,” which is somewhat of a haunting line now.

I will get to see Mama on my birthday. That seems only right since she’s been the one person who’s been there since my beginning. Because she’s on hospice care due to some decline over the last few months (not due to new medical problems), Mama’s allowed one visitor. I’ll be greeted at the door by a staff member who’ll take my temperature, then I’ll sanitize my hands and put on a mask. I’ll try to explain to Mama that I’m not sick that “there’s a virus going around.” In the past week when we three sisters have gone in at our separate times wearing our masks, Mama’s had a questioning expression but then has gone ahead and eaten when we fed her.

Given the year I’ve had, it seems that having an unusual circumstance just goes along with everything else. Nothing is like I expected–including my birthday. Like all of us at this time, I can choose to look for the good in my days of isolation: getting extra rest, uninterrupted chunks of time when I make great headway cleaning out my house, longer walks, sharper focus on my eating to ‘ration’ my food as a way of attacking those extra pounds and decreasing trips to the grocery. There are plenty of things I’m concerned about, but I just have to do what I can to be healthy and mostly stay home and not worry about the rest.

I bought myself a bouquet of asters–simple lavender flowers that always bring cheer. I think Mama used to grow them by the side of her house and they were also plentiful by the edge of the yard of one of our apartments. They remind me of the reassuring beauty of nature– how in spite of what’s going on, there are still flowers blooming and bluebirds building their nests. I see God’s faithfulness in creation and know that that same assurance has been there for me, for us, over all of time.


I was fortunate that I did have a birthday meal with my extended family in early March. My cousin Lisa gave me a wooden banner that said, “Believe All Things Are Possible.” At that time, I thought of moving toward my new life and what possibilities will unfold after our divorce.  Now, in spite of feeling that everything has stopped, in spite of wondering when will life return to normal, I know that eventually we’ll move forward; and so will my new year of life.


I’m facing a new chapter with the end of my marriage. Faith in God will see me through this Coronavirus crisis and through the divorce process. All of us need hope during this time, whether we’re going through a major life change, feeling the loss of things we’d looked forward to, or combatting worry because of the uncertainty of this pandemic.

My prayer on my birthday is that we all find the peace we need to get through this trying time, that we experience thanksgiving for the opportunities provided during this season, and we see possibility for what is ahead.

This is Precious Time. Blessings to You All.


How About You?

What have been your biggest losses during this time of COVID-19?

How do you find hope and let go of your anxiety?

What are the gifts for you in this time?

21 thoughts on “Celebrating Another Year of Life

  1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you peace today and always ~

    I am finding myself overwhelmed with gratitude for my wonderful Mom and Grandmother who took the time to teach me to cook ~ I spent many happy days in their kitchens and now, despite being locked in at home, we are enjoying nutritious and beautiful meals. I owe that to their efforts and am so grateful. We are both fighting a viral bug so sleeping a lot, reading a lot and doing our best to get through this trying time. something I’m doing for me is turning off the news ~ it can be overwhelming and not always “new” just “more.”



    • Hey MJ,
      Thanks so much for your birthday wishes and for reading my post. I bet your meals are wonderful and I’m glad they not only nourish you physically, but bring back special family memories. Rest is so important to fighting off bugs, to keeping our immune system working well. Yes, I agree with you that too much news is unhealthy. It can really impact your mood.
      Best to you MJ and to your family during this time.


  2. Another timely message for all of us. I’m thankful we both share the hope that our faith gives us. Praying you will enjoy your time today as you reflect and look forward to what is to come, in His time! Love and Happy birthday sister!


    • Thanks so much, Little Sister.
      I appreciate all you do to support me on my birthday and throughout the year. Yes, in His time, all things will become new. No matter the coronavirus or any other situation. God is greater than all.
      Love you,


    • Hey Julia,
      Thanks so much for your good wishes. I love the sign, too. The lettering, colors, birds, flowers, message. What’s not to love, right?
      Hope you’re doing well, now as always, Julia.
      You take good care,


  3. Happy birthday!! So glad you were able to celebrate in advance. My eldest turned 7 last Thursday and I’m so thankful we did his bday party early as well. It’s a lot harder to explain things to kiddos. Love and light to you!!


    • Hey Abigail,
      Yes, I saw that your little fellow had a birthday but I don’t think I commented. Anyway, I’m glad you celebrated early. Birthdays are soooo important at his age. I’ve had a lot of practice with them so whatever happens, happens! Just last week my grandson learned to put 4 words together to say/sing “Happy Birth Day to You!” I’m so glad I video taped it so I could watch it today since we couldn’t be together.
      Thanks for your good wishes happy. Hope that love and light are shining on you and your family as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday to us. I knew that we were connected in some sort of degree. Today I am 74, I think I am 18 with 50 years of experience. I am so glad that you have some family to celebrate with. I did talk to my daughter and her family in Sweden. My youngest son, her twin called me while driving from Cleveland to Indianapolis. My Oldest son is busy putting out meals for delivery and pick up, in Columbus, NC. Your state is has some great people there. Check out link. https://www.facebook.com/290765760983458/photos/a.291030150957019/2924042530989088/?type=3&eid=ARCttsqWRNwm4o0UwKdv_T5yjSOGSWbvAKXZFdnmzpieN56a99IRzKBh6s8ELvZNc155B0Jwg4hWoDWU&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCqNKcLJY9jJCaUoadjeAiYWyjqTv-DobAO-QvvUbPtKEMGfBOVh-kOADTHDEbs03dVc7FXEu-ZiOB1_vri7NxB6sH6-F1fou203A3-GzVLp9sEXtZJ5ybKkT7chg-P4nvE6KuPHsax-9gidBbxEJHZOGtg1dH41h0TzhVFd0SeyAYk5BJqgyBJ2eRSFQ3ZPY6oWGc5p5BpqRT-UY4YJ1vjQ3g_Vx0QrNDWJgwjuxidO_cE0ukZ-p2dwitghUA8c5Ezwt5el6pchvMalW9deMl2gv3TlOGWvcyG-fRTQOKIp39C7IEzmyqoduihmigQFCDMxNRlZ0DZG18UuQB0&__tn__=EEHH-R

    Great post and hope you have a great day.


    • Hey John,
      Happy Birthday to You! Yeah, funny how we find out we have the same day. I’m 65 and when I’m dancing I feel like I’m 18–but now, with more confidence! Ha!
      Glad you talked with your kids. Thanks for the links.
      Thanks for reading my post and supporting my writing.
      Best to you, John, for many more birthdays!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are there. Getting it together can be so much fun. Go out there and dance your %$$ off. You are the only one watching. The best back to you and let’s make it another year.


  5. Happy Birthday,Connie! I feel your pain and hope we can catch up sometime you come to Sanford. These are some tough times for many of us. You are so strong!!


    • Thanks so much, Debra.
      I can’t take credit for having strength; it is God working within me. I vascillate between feeling that things are in control and feeling things are overwhelming. But overall, I feel God’s peace and assurance about now and about the future.
      Best to you in these days,


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