Time to Take Off

This week I’ll be heading out on my Solo Journey. For the first time, my destination is in my own state: the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Those barrier islands off the coast separate the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland. Included in the area is Roanoke Island that was the site of England’s first settlement in the New World, an endeavor sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh. The area is rich in history, adventure activities, charming villages, miles of beaches, sand dunes, and maritime forrest.

Places further away have called me for the past 15 trips that started as yearly pilgrimages at my fiftieth birthday. Now, at sixty-four years old, the wild beauty of that string of barrier islands feels like the perfect place.


We visited the Outer Banks only once when I was a child. Daddy’s brother had a place at Kitty Hawk and the only thing I remember is my uncle went out early in the morning to bring back freshly caught fish– which we ate for breakfast. That’s a strange morning meal, especially to a kid. Our family vacationed at the southern beaches of the Carolinas because the water was warmer and the tides weren’t so rough. The Outer Banks have a history of ships wreaking, unable to make it through those treacherous currents, leaving sunken treasures in the deep waters.

My other trips to the area, were when I was a Houseparent with a group of teenagers that  had to be monitored closely and then with my sons when they were in elementary school and climbed Jockey’s Ridge, the tallest sand dunes in the eastern United States. Now, I want to go by myself and experience those islands without concern for the rough waters, that I’ll observe from a safe distance from the shore. I won’t have responsibility for anyone but myself.


Map Source- Rand McNally Road Atlas 2015

Now, it’s that time before the journey when I step back to consider what I’m seeking. Since my last trip alone to Florida over a year ago, it’s been a dizzying time of changes, both expected and ones that caught me by complete surprise. The dynamic growth within me to accommodate those changes has used up my energy and left me feeling both blessed and depleted. My greatest need is for rest and renewal– and that always seems to take me to the water.

Part of every journey is adventure– exploring new territory. This trip to the Outer Banks, I’ll go from my rest to the invigoration of discovery doing some new activities that I’ll tell you about in my next posts.

Every solo journey is also spiritual pilgrimage for me. I will go with the prayer, as I do for every trip, that God will give me clarity on where I am at this point in my life, and how to go forward when I return.

I look forward to sharing with you about the people and places in my path in my upcoming posts. Blessings to you on your journey wherever it takes you in the week ahead.


An Invitation to Discovery


How About You?

If you could take a Solo Journey to any place, where would you go? Why?

What would you be seeking?


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12 thoughts on “Time to Take Off

  1. Such a beautiful area!! We went to Assateague island several times when I was a child as well as the Outer banks and kitty hawk. Such beauty! I also love the sea, it’s my happy place. Enjoy your solo trip. ❤️


    • Thanks, Abigail. Yes, one year I went to Assateague/Chincoteague and loved that area. Your boys would love Jockey’s Ridge! So much fun to climb there and to watch hang gliders and kite flyers.
      Thanks for your good wishes!

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  2. I see the plan is set. Now, go and do it. The best to you on this Solo Journey. May you find that secret formula that makes the past, present, and future the passage to understanding and purpose. You are blessed and may you Bless those with whom you commune. (NEXT TIME)


  3. Oh how I envy you, going off on another solo journey, Connie! I used to do that a lot when I was younger (even travelling to the other side of the world on my own, with my job) – unfortunately I’m not able to travel solo at the moment (I’m trying to avoid saying “any more”) but I’m very grateful that my husband is happy to take me wherever I want to go.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Roanoke Island – and some photos, please! I’m familiar with the name Roanoke, from an episode of Barnwood Builders that we were getting on TV about 2 years after they came out in the USA. 🙂


    • Hey Julia,
      Sounds like you have many stored adventures from all the traveling you did years ago. I’m glad you can still do that with your husband. You’re right to say, “at the moment” because you, like the rest of us, don’t know what the future holds.
      I actually haven’t heard of the Barnwood Builders (which isn’t unusual because I’ve never been able to keep up with TV/Movies that many have seen!) but I will check it out.
      I’m glad you connected with the mention of Roanoke Island, because ‘something’ told me to put that in my post! If there’s anything specific you’d like be to check out/photograph– just send me an email at connie@connierosserriddle.com
      Best to you for the week ahead, Julia,

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  5. Connie you are a role model on how to reconnect with yourself and be introspective. Hope your trip fills you back up for another year


    • Hey Edwina,
      Never wanted to be a role model– but thanks! Ha!
      Thanks for your good wishes. I hope you’re doing well and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make the nursing get togethers.
      Best to You,


  6. I think it’s great you enjoy solo trips. I did a few when I was young, and I found myself lonely and a bit too cautious about venturing out. I did the solo trips in Europe and was en route to meet up with friends most of the time. Once I was in Venice in January and, boy, is that a spooky place in the cold when the crowds are gone! So, I admire your courage. My solo trips now are just trippin’ around a city while my husband attends a conference. Most of the people in my path are folks who are also solo and want me to take their picture. I guess they haven’t mastered the selfie!

    Hope we can get together when you return!


    • Hey Erika,
      Sorry for the delayed response.
      I think Solo Journeys and whether you like them have to do with your personality as well as the place you go. Hearing your description of Venice in January, it doesn’t sound like a place I would want to go.
      It’s good you have that time by yourself when you’re with Byron at conferences– gives you a break from having to do couple or group attendee things.
      Take care and yeah, we’ll get together before long– as we can work it out with our schedules.


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