Three Great Gifts

One of the surprises for me of Going Social are the connections I’ve made with people and organizations around the world. After one of my post concerning my journey with breast cancer, an organization in the United Kingdom, Cancer Care Parcel messaged me and invited me to do a guest blog post. Looking at their site, I saw they offered a service for people wanting to buy just the right present for someone going through treatment. Cancer Care Parcel provided a community of support beyond the gifts they were selling. What a great service.

In thinking about what I’d write for them, I considered all the gifts I was given over my eight months of cancer treatment that is now eighteen years ago. How could I represent so many kindnesses in one blog post?


After pondering this for a while, it came down to three types of gifts that represented the whole: the gift of time and being present during a difficult day, permission and the means to purchase myself a gift, written words in cards that were just enough hope for the moment.

I hope you’ll read about those specific gifts at the link posted below, and spend some time browsing the resources of Cancer Care Parcel. Perhaps it will help you with what to get someone special on your list.

Also, please know that my readers are a gift to me, providing support and encouragement that keeps me writing, that keeps me crafting stories.

Blessings to all of you at this special time of year.


How About You?

What are some of the gifts you’ve received that made an impact on your life?

Who needs a gift from you at this difficult time in their life?

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4 thoughts on “Three Great Gifts

  1. Connie, You know that if you write it they will respond. When we are invited into a life in repair, we find out that there is little that makes the difference, other than the love we can emit. You are the gift all that you invite into your life. Don’t hold back. You are blessed.

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    • Hey John,
      What kind words! Thanks!
      I appreciate your encouragement, “Don’t hold back.” Sometimes it’s easy to second guess ourselves and minimize our ideas. When someone else tells us to keep them coming, then it gives us more courage. Thank you.

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  2. Hi Connie,

    I read about your three gifts on the cancer care parcel website. Such beautiful sentiments you have around the people in your life! And your roots go deep in your sister and Martha. Thanks for sharing this with the world.


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    • Hey Mary, Thanks so much for reading and for your encouraging words. That website could be helpful to our Waverly group. Best to You during this Holiday Season. Hope to see you before we’re too far into 2019!


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