96 Years: A Life Well Lived

Today we celebrated Mama’s ninety-sixth birthday. The gathering at Parkview Retirement Community included Mama’s niece and her husband, we three daughters and our spouses, all but the eldest of the seven grandchildren, and six out of eight of the great grandchildren. It was quite a lively group with six children ages five and under.


Mama surrounded by Great Grands- To her left, Baker in back, Adalyn up front, To her right Camden and Malli in back and Graham in front

It was gratifying to look around the room and see the three generations celebrating Mama’s life. I remember how she played softball with her grandkids in her expansive front yard, and now they’re bringing their children to honor her.


Great grandson, Camden with his Great Grandma Rosser

Mama has always had a core value of caring for the sick, thinking more of others than herself. Now her great grandson, Camden asks to go to Parkview, “So I can feed Grandma Rosser.” As a five-year-old, he knows all about birthday parties and insisted on buying streamers and a birthday banner to hang for the party. He asked her to hold his balloon so it wouldn’t fly to the ceiling.


Great grandson, Graham who had his two-year-old birthday party today. He’s dazed from the partying!

After we finished cake and ice cream, Camden and Malli wanted to push Grandma Rosser in the wheelchair down the hall. It’s a tender sight to see her being escorted by those little ones. I’m proud of my nieces for raising such thoughtful children. I have to think that Mama’s thoughtfulness has filtered down through her family and now she’s receiving the benefit of her kind heart.

Mama didn’t smile for these pictures, but when the children came close she tried to reach her hand out to touch them and to say something. My grandson, Baker, was so sweet, touching her even though he’s only seen her one time before today. IMG_3452


My children with Mama–(L-R) Daughter-in-Law Emily (wife of Brooks), Ross-my younger son, Brooks, older son and father of Baker

Mama stayed awake for the entire time and ate every bite of her cold-oven pound cake with vanilla ice cream. When we left she went to dinner and I bet she went to sleep soon after that.

I don’t know that she’ll have any memory of today. But all of us will.

We’ll see the fruit of Mama’s life that was reflected in all those faces that gathered to celebrate her 96 years– all of us who bore witness to her love for us.


Mama’s Three Daughters–(L-R) Harriet, Me, Peggy



19 thoughts on “96 Years: A Life Well Lived

    • Hey Julia,
      Yes, my mother and father were both from large families– each with 8 children. That was typical for farm families in the South back then. I had lots of cousins and knew the joy of playing together at family events when I was a girl. That’s why it tickles me to see all these little cousins playing now.
      Best to you, Julia,


  1. Connie, Ms. Mary is indeed a great Mother, Grandmother and friend. Her love for all of you is evident in all of the kind deeds all of you share with those around you. I am so glad Ms. Mary was able to enjoy her party with all of you. Beautifully said. A life well lived indeed. Love her and all of you. Mom is smiling down from heaven and so happy her cousin had such a wonderful day. Much Love, Kim McCaskill


    • Hey Kim,
      Thanks so much for reading and for your kind words. Yes, Mama has always really loved her family and friends and she considered your mother to be both! She and Yvonne were so much alike in what they valued and how they lived their lives. Strong stuff!
      Best to you and Bobby,


  2. What a loved-filled celebration! 96 years; what a blessing for her and each of you.


    On Sat, Jul 13, 2019, 11:01 PM Connie Rosser Riddle wrote:

    > conniesedona317 posted: “Today we celebrated Mama’s ninety-sixth birthday. > The gathering at Parkview Retirement Community included Mama’s niece and > her husband, we three daughters and our spouses, all but the eldest of the > seven grandchildren, and six out of eight of the great gr” >


    • Hey Rhonda,
      Thanks so much for reading and for your supportive words. I know you have felt that special love for your grandmother– and her kindness now shows in how you live and how you treat her.
      Best to you and your family. Miss you!


  3. It was a delightful celebration and I believe Mama was able to be in the moments with us. She was most expressive with the children as they loved her without any expectations of a specific response. You said it so well, mama was able to see the fruits of her labor in the lives of those around her! We all are grateful for her 96 years of life and it’s impact on ours!


    • Hey Peggy,
      I like the way you capture the difference in children and adults– “they loved her without any expectations.” I could see Mama’s joy, even when it wasn’t apparent in her facial expressions (that may have to do with being a bit overwhelmed with so much activity all around her usually quiet surroundings).
      Glad we could share her 96th together!


    • Hey MJ,
      Thanks so much for reading and for your good wishes. Mama truly deserves all the honor she receives. She has never been one to bring attention to herself so it’s fitting that we can bring that attention to her life.
      Best to you, MJ,

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  4. Very, very nice memory of this event for all os us, Perhaps there is a way to fuse the pix of other 3 grands into this picture, What do u think? H

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