Preparing to Launch

A week from today I’ll be at my Book Launch Reading and Reception to be held in the fellowship building of my home church– Shallow Well United Church of Christ. It seemed right to go there to do the first event since that church community has been an integral part of my life. I wanted to celebrate with family and friends this memoir that I’ve been working on for so many years.


Lately, with my list of things that have to be done to prepare, I’ve thought to myself it would have been easier not to do this. I could just release my book, and spend the time and energy instead promoting it online. But for me, this accomplishment that I’ve  dreamed of and worked for needs to be celebrated. There should be a ‘ceremonial’ event to mark the completion of the book, this literary finish line.

Over the last weeks, I’ve had to close in and narrow my focus. I told my husband, David to tell me if there’s anything on the news that I need to know, because I just can’t take it in right now. I’ve suspended listening to my Indie publishing podcasts until after my launch. What I don’t get right, I’ll chalk up to being a first-timer.

Last week my focus was on working through my formatting issues to successfully upload the Ebook and paperback to Amazon. Besides my own painstaking efforts to fix the problems, there have been people in my path who’ve helped me. I’ve relied on God’s grace in giving me patience and power to work through the many obstacles in completing and publishing this book.

It’s also been necessary for me to decrease my interactions with people. I’m fortunate that friends and family have been supportive of me in publishing my memoir. But lately, some people’s well-meaning questions about when the book will be ready, the ‘return on my investment,’ and comments about how busy I am– raise my anxiety level. I don’t need any of those comments that seem to get snagged in my brain and take my energy. It’s full-speed ahead because I’m in this thing too far to turn back. To help me to stay grounded, I’ve suspended social activities until after the book is released. Instead, I’ll do the essential things and spend time taking quiet walks, that are part prayer, part mediation, part releasing lingering worry. I’ll seek the company of Silence, allowing me to feel that peace in being held where all is calm.


Kentucky thistle on a quiet evening walk

Over this final week, I’ll focus on the last of the to-do items and will put eating healthy and getting enough sleep as top priorities. And on Friday, I’ll take the day to relax and think about those who will be attending the launch, praying that I’ll choose the portions of the book that will resonate with them.

I think this post sounds very self-absorbed– and I suppose I am. It’s like other monumental events in your life that you’ve dreamed of and when they’re finally about to happen, you don’t want to mess up. But you also want to enjoy the time, appreciating the process, the unique path of your journey. While I prepare this week, I want to remember with gratitude my unique path and the point it’s leading me to this Saturday at my home.


Path up Mt. Constitution, San Juan Islands–part of my journey

And next week, I’ll share with you how all this turns out, with pictures and story that will come to you at a later time, your ‘Saturday Evening Post.’

Until then, I thank you for your support!


What about You?

What is your process for focusing when you have monumental events in your life?

How do you handle anxiety as you approach that time?




25 thoughts on “Preparing to Launch

  1. Connie, you will not “mess up!” You have a thoughtful and intentional plan in place. And much like planning a special wedding, there will probably be a few “surprises,” but they will make your special day even more memorable. Enjoy every moment, including the stillness and silence.


    • Hey Karen,
      Thanks so much for your encouragement.
      I have thought about the weeks before Brooks got married and the similarities– as I know you experienced, especially as the mother-of-the-bride with Jill’s wedding. You’re right that I should anticipated the unanticipated surprises–and just go with the flow.
      Thanks a lot, Karen. Best to you,


  2. Hey Connie: Good luck with it all! As far as anxiety goes, I think folks handle it different ways. If I’m anxious about something, I try to think about other things that don’t make me anxious. I also repeat to myself: “This too shall pass.” And it does.
    I think it’s a good idea for you to launch your book in front of a receptive audience of friends, family, and congregants. Most of all have fun at your talk!


    • Hey Erika,
      Thanks so much for your encouragement! I do feel it’s best to start with the ‘home crowd’ who would be there no matter what. I will keep in mind your advice to, “most of all have fun.”
      Best to You,


    • Hey Hilly,
      Thanks so much. I wish I could join you all on the Isle of Skye. Aldo has worked so hard and had such a vision for your retreat. I know it will be wonderful!
      I will remember your good wishes that day!
      Safe Travels to lovely Scotland,


    • Hey Trudy,
      Thanks so much for your help in this process. I feel more secure knowing I have someone watching for the tech problems.
      And by the way, I just hit “publish” at the KDP/Amazon site for my paperback and ebook. It can take up to 72 hours for them to be approved and live on their site. When I receive their email confirming that acceptance, I’ll let you know so you can plug in that link. Exciting times!
      Have a nice Sunday!


    • Hey Mary,
      You have an invitation–automatically! Yeah, I’ve posted open invitations and you are certainly welcome to be there. I have no idea how many will come. I just figure whoever’s supposed to be there will be. Of course I’d love to see you!


  3. Connie, I am so sorry that I have not responded to this sooner. As you prepare to launch into your new phase and finding nothing more important than your path, I have had a series of events that forced me to hide and tackle the mundane. I can relate to what has been a focus in your life, with an understanding that there needs to be as little disruption to reach your goal. My wishing you any luck would be of little consequence as you are guided by the best of notions to success. I will say that I am in a constant mode of support for you. I think you need not to be reminded as many are behind you and share your joy. The best to you and I wait for your next post.


  4. I guess, by now, you’ll have been to your book launch, Connie! I hope it was wonderful – I’m certain it was. What a fantastic achievement. As someone who also wants to write a book of memoirs, I have to admit I haven’t (yet) had the fortitude that you’ve displayed in getting it done and getting it out there. Congratulations!!


    • Hey Julia,
      Thanks so much for your encouragement now and in the past. You are an artistic person and if you have the desire to write your memoir, you can Julia. It’s taken me a long time and it seems that now is the time for this book.
      I wish you the best with writing what’s on your heart through your artistic lens. You’ll figure out the ‘how’ over time.
      Best to you,

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